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Bhaktapur – roaming the streets of Kathmandu’s most famous Newari village

Today I decided to head down to one of the most famous Newari villages in Kathmandu, Bhaktapur, a world heritage listed area famous for its architecture, died cloths and pottery.


Pots that are left to dry in the baking heat of summer at a local square.


Bhaktapur is wonderful for photography. No large vehicles are allowed to drive its narrow streets.


Each of which invariably lands you at another spectacular square filled with shrines and pagodas.


And incredible faces.



That are as varied and colourful as the wares they ply in the streets.



You can tell I am quite tired as I write this post. I will keep my words short and let the pictures tell the rest of today’s story.

Leaving Bhaktapur I headed for the famous monkey temple of Swayambhunath and we got stuck in the worst traffic jam I’ve ever seen in Kathmandu! After one hour of seething, searing heat I finally made it to Swayambu, which is crowned by a massive stupa overlooking the whole of Kathmandu.


With all-seeing, all-knowing eyes.

As one of the more prominent Buddhist monuments here, many traditions of the faith are loyally adhered to in Swayambunath, including the burning of candles.


While I wandered around trying to avoid the temple’s naughty and omnipresent monkeys, I met this lady who had a serene beauty that really mesmerised me.


And who kindly allowed me to take some shots of her after I asked.

One of the biggest hits I’ve brought with me on this trip is a modern day Polaroid film camera called a Fuji Instax mini! This has been an absolute hit for travelling because you can instantly give someone a print of their photo. I actually took a couple of this lady and gave her one. I kept the first one as a trial shot!


Who would have thought that a $100 camera would give me so much joy?!

Tomorrow I am finally heading way off the beaten tourist path to two of the most ancient centres of Newari culture in the world – Bungamati and Khokuna. I have to confess I am looking forward to it a lot as the ‘scene’ here is becoming a little tiresome.

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