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London Street Art Immersion 1 – Graffiti Gone Wild!


Yesterday I took a long overdue trip to London to catch up with some friends that I hadn’t seen since September 2012.  I met Sanjeev (a fabulous and talented poet), Phil (awesome photographer) and his girlfriend El (assistant editor of a major women’s magazine in the UK) to spend a day touring some of London’s photography and street art venues.  It was a day of laughter, friendship, inspiration and exploration on foot around the east end mainly.


The east end of London in my twenties was still a great place but probably not as Bohemian as it has now become.  I used to love visiting there to eat at the famous Jewish delicatessen cafe called Blooms which closed in 2010.  It was an icon of Jewish food in London and I used to love sitting there eating gefillte fish and watching Rabbis come and go.  I will never forget watching an old Rabbi sitting in the corner of Blooms once. He was nodding off to sleep, his whiskers falling into the soup in front of him. What I love about the east end of today is the fantastic mix of cultures there including many middle eastern people, africans and asians.  You can walk down the street past African dreadlock salons, Indian sari sellers, Arabic fruit stalls and a variety of curry houses.  The sights and smells of the area were wonderful and so reminiscent of many places I’ve travelled.  I do love a multicultural, ethnic society!


The highlight of this part of London now, to me anyway, is the incredible street art!  Phil explained to me that London has  allowed some of its suburbs to be opened up to street artists who are given a free run to simply create.  We saw so many inspirational murals, window features, posters and tiny paintings yesterday, I shot almost four hundred images and it has taken me a night to digest it all! Phil explained to me that these murals provide him with endless inspiration because you might see something wonderful one week and the next time you visit that wall will be covered with something completely different!  Although some pieces stay for longer than others, the streets of Shoreditch are like a giant metamorphic process, like caterpillar to butterfly, bud to flower.  It is probably one of the best displays of transient art I’ve seen in my life! I have decided to divide these up into two blog posts because I liked different art for different reasons.  Firstly there is the graffiti art that revolves around graffiti in its purest form, portraits, thought provoking and clever images of humans and wall work that is similar to what I’ve seen in other parts of the world. The second post is for the Naturalist inspired artists that we saw. Where possible I have tried to credit the artists for the work I am about to post below.  Sadly I either didn’t know the names of some of them or they hadn’t signed their work off but if a reader of this post can either name the artist or correct me if I have misidentified a piece, I’d love that! Here are some of my favourites.


Website:  http://www.alostreetart.blogspot.co.uk/ Alo.001


The incredible work of a man and his roll of electrical tape! Website: http://www.benjaminmurphy.info/ 0J0A5067 0J0A5068


Website: http://slowbenart.com/?page_id=2 0J0A5202


The Spanish street artist of Borondo white-washes windows then etches portraits into them! Website: http://borondo.blogspot.co.uk/ 0J0A5147


Website:  Unknown Phil said this painting had just appeared beside a pile of rubbish recently. 0J0A5230


I loved Jim Vision’s work.  In the murals we saw yesterday there was a whimsical mix of surf, galleons and fire.  He has ventured into other subjects but these were my favourites. Website: http://www.rockwellhouse.co/jim-and-matilda/ 0J0A5063 0J0A5057


Definitely a highlight to see this Chilean artist’s work. Website: http://www.ottoschade.com/ 0J0A5086


Website: http://www.phlegmcomicnews.blogspot.co.uk/ 0J0A5106


Website: http://globalstreetart.com/run RUN.001


Website: http://sakiandbitches.tumblr.com/ 0J0A5190


The wizard of spray cans and stencils! Website: http://www.snikarts.com/ Interview with Snik: https://vimeo.com/30197033 Untitled 2.001


I first saw Noir’s work on the East Side Gallery in Berlin in 1998.  It was great to see his work in London too. Website:  http://www.galerie-noir.de/index.html Untitled 3.001


This is probably the most incredible piece we looked at.  Set up with a series of small explosives, this portrait is by the Portuguese artist Alexadndre Farto aka ‘Vhils”.  He sets this up, explodes it all then what is left is an incredible relief of someone’s face! Website: http://www.alexandrefarto.com/ 0J0A5140


Website:  http://tizerone.blogspot.co.uk/ 0J0A5059

Shepard Fairey

Website:  https://www.artsy.net/artist/shepard-fairey 0J0A5073


Website:  http://globalstreetart.com/616


L to R: Unknown, Rice, Him

Website for Rice:  http://www.fatcap.com/artist/rice.html Website for Him: unknown Unknown 1.001


Website – Not known but FB profile is https://www.facebook.com/sgfra 0J0A5154 0J0A5235


Website:  http://blackappleart.com/portfolio-item/trust-icon-uk/ 0J0A5243

L to R below:  Unknown, Fin Dac, Church of Best Ever

Website for Fin Dac:  http://findac.tumblr.com/ Website for Church of Best Ever:  http://cargocollective.com/churchofbestever Unidentified 2.001

Jimmy C

Website:  http://www.akajimmyc.com/ Fellow Aussie Jimmy C had some of my favourites from the day too!  Believe it or not the two below are by him and yet they are both really different! 0J0A5168 0J0A5166


Website:  http://amarapordios.tumblr.com/ 0J0A5226


Website:  http://floatingtheplanet.wordpress.com/ 0J0A5181

THE LOST SOULS CREW – CaptainKris, Squirl, SPZero

CaptainKris website:  http://www.kristiandouglas.com/ Squirl website: http://globalstreetart.com/artists/3aklv7g-squirl SPZero website: http://spzero76.com/ 0J0A5188

Cosmo Sarson

Website:  http://www.cosmosarson.com/ 0J0A5198


Website:  http://theothersideshow.bigcartel.com/ 0J0A5197


Website:  www.annalaurini.tumblr.com

Unidentified 3.001




0J0A5102 0J0A5242 It’s all pretty amazing!  According to Phil we only scratched the surface yesterday.  I couldn’t believe it. I have to admit that it was great to see some serious kudos being offered to these artists.  Some of them are breathtakingly talented.  I was even thrilled to see a gallery had been opened to sell the work of street artist called Pure Evil. 0J0A5136 When Mark and I were in Venice, Italy, in February this year, we saw stacks of graffiti but it was all horrible.  We both lamented that Venice should take  hold of this situation, clear the crap off its facades and encourage spaces to be created for true graffiti artists.  Some of the works we saw would be outstanding in a Venetian setting!

6 thoughts on “London Street Art Immersion 1 – Graffiti Gone Wild!

  1. wheresphil says:

    Lovely post Inger, I am glad you enjoyed the day, I had a great time as well and always enjoy showing people around a small piece of London…

    I can name a few of the artists you are missing…

    The first one, the fish in the cap is Tizer.
    Sedation is Obey
    The monochrome fish/surfboard type things are by 616.
    The right hand one in the next frame, on the red door was a paste up by Him, the middle one is Rice as it says.
    The next one, is by .frA or essegeefra from Switzerland, as is the Selfieless.
    The shadows on the metal post are by TrustIcon.
    I don’t know the following two, but the next one, three photos in the frame has Fin Dac in the middle, Church of Best Ever at the far end, and I am stuffed if I can remember the first one and I do not seem to have a record in Lightroom either.
    After the two Jimmy C’s is Amara Por Dias
    The open skulls is by Pang.
    The real busy one next has works by a group called the Lost Souls Crew – Captain Kris, Squirl and SPZero are there.
    The following headless one is by Cosmo Sarson.
    And finally the owls are by Dscreet – very old skool ~~

    Phew 🙂

    Loads of street art on my blog here http://photosbyphilplatt.wordpress.com

  2. TO says:

    Hey there Inger,

    I’ve been wandering around taking photos of great street art in the Shoreditch/Hoxton area as well. Of the ones you weren’t able to identify, the first is by Anna Laurini and her website is http://www.annalaurini.tumblr.com

    She has a number of works pasted up in the area with little messages scribbled beside the face.

    Keep up the good work 🙂


    • inger says:

      Hi TO,

      Thank you so much! Lucky you for being closer to Shoreditch than me so you can see the artwork there more regularly. I have updated my post to credit Anna accordingly. Please let me know if you discover the artist names of the other unknown works on this post as I’d be happy to update it. It upsets me when I don’t know who they are as I was so very impressed by it all that these artists deserve more recognition I think! Thanks again.

  3. 616 says:

    Hi Inger

    Only the surfbard fish leaf shaped things are by me, nothing else in this post is mine. Great post featuring some of m favourite artists. Cheers


  4. inger says:

    Hi 616!

    Awesome! Thank you so much for pointing out your work to me above. I LOVE your stuff! Hopefully I will get down to London sometime soon again to shoot some more images of your work. I hope I also have now corrected the attribution above. If I have made an error, please let me know and I will correct it 🙂

    Thanks again,


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