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Fisheyes for iPhones – A Review of Klinger Studios Fisheye Lens App


As a seasoned iphone user and a strong advocate for their use as a supplementary camera in the field, I have always enjoyed having my phone nearby to get shots of nature that I encounter on walks, rides and drives.

In the last eight or so months, I thought I would ratchet my skills up a bit and I bought an Ollo clip series of lenses for my iphone 5S to make use of a wide-angle, two different magnified macro lenses and a fish-eye.  While I was initially pleased with the Olloclip, the Fisheye lens on it is disappointing as it doesn’t extend out to 8mm and provide the full fish-eye effect.  Instead, you get a cropped fish-eye shot which looks rather odd.

Frustrated, I started to look around.  I tried other clip on lenses but I found them difficult to focus on the subject and wieldy when they were clipped on to the camera.

Then I discovered “Fisheye Lens”, an amazing app that not only has an 8mm full fisheye lens for your phone but it also has options for use including:

– 12mm fisheye

– 15mm fisheye

– 8mm inverse

– 15mm invers

– square

You can also stretch, squeeze and warp your images within the app to create some funky effects.

I found this to be one of the most powerful apps I have used for a number of reasons.

Its PROs include:

– Tack sharp precision focussing.  I’m not sure how this app gets this so right but if you use the standard camera in your phone, sometimes it is really slow to focus and you can get blurred shots really easily.  This app waits until the object you are shooting is really, really in focus before it fires off so the resulting clarity is amazing.

– Full fisheye effect without cropping

– You can choose the level of vignetting you get and whether or not you want a white or black background, a soft or sharp edge to your photos

Its only CON is:

– It would be nice to vary the exposure with it.  During the normal use of your iphone you can tap on the screen when you have a shot in view and lighten or darken the image before you press the shutter button.  This wasn’t that easy to do with this app but trust me, this is its ONLY downside.

Yesterday I had the joy of wandering around the famous Kew Gardens in London with this app.  Here are some shots that I managed to get using it that I was really happy with.  For more information about the apps that Klinger produce please click here.


















3 thoughts on “Fisheyes for iPhones – A Review of Klinger Studios Fisheye Lens App

  1. chuanweb says:

    Hi! I’ve been reading your site for some time now and finally got the courage to go ahead and give you a shout out from Atascocita Texas! Just wanted to mention keep up the great work!

  2. Terry Eiswald says:

    Hi I was impressed by your detailed review of the Klinger fisheye app. Too work is impressive to say the least. I am a seasoned B&W photographer myself. I went and purchased this app because it was supposed to work as a camera as well as existing photos in myiPhone camera roll. The app sends to my photos and that is it! Nothing I tap on the screen converts my photos to a fisheye version. Can you help me out? When I tap select the only option I have is the trash bin. Thank you kindly.

    • inger says:

      Hi Terry, thank you so much for your comment and I’m sorry for the delay in reply. I have been travelling. To the best of my knowledge, this app only works for photos taken with the app itself. You cannot convert any photos on your phone to Fish-eyes using it.

      Sorry! All the best with your photography! Inger xo

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