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Ribble Valley Arts – Celebrating a rich tapestry of art in Lancashire

It’s been some time since I exhibited work to the public.  This hasn’t been intentional.  It’s just that I don’t generally have the time.  I have been lucky in that the commercial exhibitions I have held during my career have all been commercially successful and they are always a great source of publicity.

In the spirit of showing my work in my local patch, I have become the headline photographer for the new Ribble Valley Arts website here in Lancashire and the opening to the council and the media was this evening.

It was a great opportunity to meet other artists in our area and to learn more about their work.


I even got to meet Mayor Bridget Hilton!

Here is a screen shot of the new website that I hope will grow with time and more photographers join.  I am the spearheading photographer of this area and my own portfolio on this site will grow as I shoot more work locally.

Screen Shot 2016-01-26 at 18.17.02

I’m thinking of starting day workshops two or three times a year for local photographers hoping to learn more about photography and the industry.  After all, with a backyard that looks like this, why wouldn’t I want this as my office?

Autumn Leaves at Goit Stock2-2

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