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Lamayuru Monastery – A Photographic Essay


A breathtaking sunset at Lamayuru.

My favourite novice monk at Lamayuru, Rigzin.

A young boy stares up at us as we photograph the rooftops of his village from our lofty heights of the monastery.

One of the intricate and ancient mural paintings inside the monastery at Lamayuru.

The moonscape environment that lies due east of Lamayuru. Every time I see this landscape I am reminded of Guge Kingdom in western Tibet, although this patch is significantly smaller than its Tibetan counterpart, it is no less spectacular.

The stupas, or chortens, crowning the Lamayuru Monastery date back to the 10th century.

Colourful Mani Stones.

Konchok Tashi smiles at us from the window of the room where he lives.

Lamayuru is nestled deep within the mountains of the Indian Himalaya.

Lamayuru Monastery at sunrise.

A novice monk seeking light from a higher force during the morning prayer at Lamayuru Monastery.

An old man carries water towards the kitchen of the monastery.

Last light falls on the main building of Lamayuru Monastery.

Konchok Tashi

The elaborate carvings and mani stones at the monastery of Lamayuru are some of the most colourful I’ve seen outside Tibet.

Konchok Tashi bids us farewell after visiting his monastery.

6 thoughts on “Lamayuru Monastery – A Photographic Essay

  1. Kirsty says:

    What a stunning collection!!

  2. Ratna Duray says:

    Great photography of places that has such spirituality and out of the world vision that would never be seen if not for your photos.

  3. Kare says:

    Beautiful collection of images; looks like an AMAZING trip.

    • inger says:

      Thanks Karen, it really was! It gave all of us a fascinating insight into the different cultures of Ladakh. I am hoping to do another in 2019 because everyone loved it so much.

      Best wishes

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