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A small update on Bineta

I have been meaning to write an update about Bineta for some time now but this year has been busy for me with travel, running a business and all that is associated with both.

If you have been following my story about finding my African ‘daughter’ Bineta here  http://ingervandyke.com/2017/03/finding-african-daughter/

life has been going on OK for her I believe.  She is still at school and she loved the books that everyone so kindly recommended and donated.  When I sent her the books, I also added a few more of my own to them that she may like to read to practice her English.  I got a very grateful message back from her after she received them.

Everything runs slowly in Senegal.  Mail takes ages to arrive.  Updates on how Bineta is going are slow but the trickle gets through eventually.  I always love news about her or from her.

Since I last posted I have received news that her parents are happy for me to send her to university.  I heard about this when I was in Japan earlier this year and was thrilled.  Bineta is running late to attend university due to the schooling system in Senegal and she will start when she is 24 years old, in 2020.  It is her dream to become a school teacher.

The acceptance by her parents for Bineta to attend university is huge.  Although I shouldn’t need to seek their permission I did so because her culture is different from mine, her parents may have had other ideas for her future and I wanted their blessings before we all went any further down this somewhat daunting path together.  I am hoping that she will pass her baccalaureate in early 2020 and that she will begin her studies at Cheikh Ante Diop university in Dakar.  It is Senegal’s foremost university and if she can make it I will help her study there.

I’ve always believed in a longstanding commitment to children I support.  In Africa particularly it is vital for children to have support that is lasting, rather than someone like me being just another person coming in to and out of their lives.  I started supporting Bineta in the year 2000.  I am still here and I will be for as long as she wants me to be.

From early 2019 I will start to make arrangements with the university for her admission.  Although this might be a difficult task, I am really hoping I can facilitate a bursary through the university for her study fees and expenses.

I should point out that even if she doesn’t pass her exam for entry I will still be there if she needs me and wants me to be there.  Whatever she decides she will have my support.  Please wish us all godspeed as we work together to help her have a brighter future.  My hope is, that whatever happens, she is happy.


4 thoughts on “A small update on Bineta

  1. love this!! I have a ‘daughter in Ethiopia. Actually named Michele after me. Hoping for a wonderful future for her too. She’s 5 now.

    • Inger Vandyke says:

      That’s so wonderful Michele! If only everyone could just take the time to look after one other person in the world. Can you imagine the difference it would make to us globally? I am heading to Ethiopia in February. Will think of you and have an injera for you xxxxx

  2. Rosalind says:

    What a wonderful thing to do for such a lovely young lady! You are truly remarkable and it’s so nice to be able to do this for her and know she and her family loves and appreciates it! Blessings to you and them!

    • inger says:

      Thanks Ros! It’s certainly been a journey. Not always the easiest one but worth it. I hope she makes it. If she doesn’t I’ll still be there. I’d like to try and go down next year to see her again but I have to see what my 2019 travel looks like.

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