I am a professional wildlife photojournalist and expedition leader that specialises in coverage of some of the world’s most remote and isolated places.

My work has been published in numerous different publications, websites, information and interpretive centres, newspapers and marketing material internationally. I am a freelance contributor to Australian, Ocean and Asian Geographic journals and I have recently started to work with the journal of the Royal Geographical Society.

My business currently maintains a stock image library of over 3,000 images from some of the most beautiful and unseen corners of the world. In 2015 I became an international contributing photographer to the WWF for their Snow Leopard Conservation Program.

Each year I travel to between 12 and 16 countries to lead and co-lead expeditions or cover stories for travel and conservation. From one month to the next I could be driving across the Kalahari or leading clients over frozen icy rivers in the Himalayas. I am an experienced seabird guide in the Southern Ocean and a former seasonal worker in Antarctica.

My skills are wide and include the ability to operate satellite communications, marine and two way radios. I am a professional driver of vehicles and small boats and I have extensive logistical knowledge for expeditions, particularly those taking place in remote areas.

I am currently a field advisor on the Wild Born Project for a photographer who will be travelling with the Nenet across the Yamal Peninsula during the Arctic winter of 2017.

I was the first female photographer to ever work professionally on Heard Island in Antarctica and the first female photographer in the world to capture a full wild snow leopard hunt in images.

In 2013 I was awarded Membership to the Explorer’s Club.
In 2015 I became a Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society and
in 2016 my status at the Explorer’s Club was upgraded from Member to International Fellow.