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I am a professional wildlife photojournalist and expedition leader that specialises in coverage of some of the world’s most remote and isolated places.

My work has been published in numerous different publications, websites, information and interpretive centres, newspapers and marketing material internationally. I am a freelance contributor to Australian, Ocean and Asian Geographic journals and I have recently started to work with the journal of the Royal Geographical Society.

My business currently maintains a stock image library of over 3,000 images from some of the most beautiful and unseen corners of the world. In 2015 I became an international contributing photographer to the WWF for their Snow Leopard Conservation Program.

Each year I travel to between 12 and 16 countries to lead and co-lead expeditions or cover stories for travel and conservation. From one month to the next I could be driving across the Kalahari or leading clients over frozen icy rivers in the Himalayas. I am an experienced seabird guide in the Southern Ocean and a former seasonal worker in Antarctica.

Currently my work around the world is based around Central Asia and the Himalayas, the world’s polar regions and Africa.


I have been travelling to Asia sporadically since I was a child, however, in my adult life it has been the incredible wildlife and the mighty Himalayas which has drawn me back there the most.  In 2013 I led a small expedition to explore the headwaters of the Sutlej River and Guge Kingdom in far western Tibet.  I was honoured with a fellowship of the Royal Geographical Sociey and also at the Explorer’s Club for my work in documenting the vanishing cultures of Tibet.  Since 2014, I have been working in the Himalayan region of Ladakh in northern India where I became the first woman in the world to photograph a wild snow leopard hunt and where I will be conducting an ethnographic portrait of women in 2017 to benefit the Women’s Alliance of Ladakh.


I fell in love with Africa when I first visited the Sahara at the age of 20. I’ve started this diary as a blog to document my current and future work there, to give my experiences and otherwise unpublished stories a voice.


I spent my childhood living on a fishing trawler on the Great Barrier Reef and this special experience imbued my lifelong passion for remote islands and the seabirds that live on them.  I first started working in Antarctica when I was 37 years old where I covered the rat and rabbit eradication program on remote Macquarie Island for Ocean Geographic and other publications.  In 2012 I became the first woman to work as a photographjournalist on the extremely remote territories of Heard and McDonald Islands in the Indian Ocean.  Since then I have worked alongside prominent polar bear researcher Nikita Ovsyanikov on Wrangel Island in the Russian Arctic and have also been on a foot safari following Arctic Foxes and Polar Bears out on to the sea ice of Hudson Bay in Canada.

I am currently the Photography Field Advisor for the Wild Born Project which will research the way the Yamal women in remote Arctic Russia give birth.

I am also a member of the Australian National Antarctic Research Expeditions (ANARE) Club and I’ve recently been appointed as the Guardian for the Heard and McDonald Islands Important Bird Area through Birdlife International.


My skills are broad and include the ability to operate satellite communications, marine and two way radios. I am a professional driver of vehicles and small boats and I have extensive logistical knowledge for expeditions, particularly those taking place in remote areas.


I was the first female photographer to ever work professionally on Heard Island in Antarctica and the first female photographer in the world to capture a full wild snow leopard hunt in images.


  • Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society (FRGS)
  • Fellow International of the Explorer’s Club (FIEC)


Board Member

  • Board Member of the Southern Oceans Seabird Study Association (SOSSA) Inc, the longest continual study of the Wandering Albatross at sea in the world, since 2003.


Field Advisor

  • Field Advisor to the Wild Born Project



  • Guardian for the Important Bird Area (IBA) of Heard and McDonald Islands through Birdlife International.


Campaign Photographer

  • International Campaign Photographer for the Trans-Himalayan Snow Leopard Conservation program at WWF
  • Campaign photographer for SOSSA
  • Campaign photographer for the Brush-tailed Rock Wallaby Conservation project with Parks Victoria in Australia (Past)



  • Member of the Royal Photographical Society (MRPS)
  • Member of the Australian National Antarctic Research Expeditions (ANARE) Club
  • Team Member of Beyond The Smile Women’s Literacy Program in the Solukhumbu region of Nepal


Charter Member

  • Ocean Geographic



  • Eco-Tourism columnist at Australian Traveller (Past)