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Earlier this year I led the inaugural South Eastern Tibet expedition for Wild Images. It was such an incredible journey that I have organised another trip to remote Sichuan in 2020. To see a summary of the work that I shot in Sichuan this year, I have compiled a Spark presentation here. My next trip […]

Everyone knows I have the dream job don’t I?  To many people I seem to be constantly on holiday and believe it or not, I hear that remark often. “Oh can you take me?” people said when I announced I was flying off to Leh to look for Snow Leopards.  “You are so lucky!” I […]

The great travel writer and author, Peter Matthiessen, died while I was in Ladakh.  I found out the news during a brief moment of internet access  during one night in Leh, between two strenuous weeks in the mountains on our search for one of the most spectacular and enigmatic wild cats in the world, the Snow Leopard. […]

On 18 April this year, the largest tragedy involving Sherpas by profession occurred in the history of climbing Mount Everest.  Reading the news in my jet-lagged state after returning from another region of the Himalaya (Ladakh), my heart immediately went out to those effected.  I hurriedly raced through numerous media stories searching for the names of the […]

There is something I find very comforting and mesmerising about chanting monks.  From a recording or the distance they sound almost like a drone but up close, their prayers, chants and murmurs can reverberate through your body leaving you feel almost completely at peace. On our recent trip to Ladakh, we were very kindly invited […]

Tibet is a hard place.  It is high, cold, dry, dusty and icy.  Life in Tibet is hard for the people living there, the animals that call it home and for visitors unaccustomed, unacclimatised to the conditions on the roof of the world. It is also a very hard place to organise an expedition to.  […]

As a working photographer and journalist I have sometimes been guilty of running around frantically trying to keep my head in a story, always trying to working out what sorts of images might assist me in telling a tale that engages an audience.  If I remove myself from that mind dimension to take photos randomly […]

I decided to head to Bungamati and Khokana, two ancient Newari villages in the Bagmati region of the Kathmandu Valley today. I went on the recommendation of a few Nepalese friends and I am so pleased I did. This is why I love travelling independently. I have only been on three organised yours in my […]

Today I decided to head down to one of the most famous Newari villages in Kathmandu, Bhaktapur, a world heritage listed area famous for its architecture, died cloths and pottery. Pots that are left to dry in the baking heat of summer at a local square. Bhaktapur is wonderful for photography. No large vehicles are […]

Last night I arrived into the seething pulse of humanity that defines Kathmandu, Nepal. My dear friend met me at the airport and drove me to my home for the next week, the famous Kathmandu Guest House. Located smack bang in the middle of the tourist area of Thamel, the Kathmandu Guest House has provided […]