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Expedition Calendar

Each year I am travelling to many different countries on expeditions and workshops.  Aside from the private expeditions listed on my website, I guide for the renowned British Wildlife Photography company, Wild Images and I co-lead expeditions with my partner, Mark Beaman, who is the founder and CEO of international bird touring company, Birdquest.

I am also available to lead private expeditions for groups of friends or photographers who want to see and photograph specific things.


28 January to 11 February – Senegal (Private Expedition)

17 to 19 February – Prague in Winter

25 March to 1 April – Western Sahara Expedition – A search for rare avifauna, Fenec Foxes and Sand Cat.  (Birdquest)

18 April to 5 May – Ladakh Women’s Project 

1 to 23 June – Namibia, South Africa, Botswana, Zimbabwe and Zambia (Private Expedition)

10 to 25 July – Sri Lanka (Wild Images)

19 August to 9 September – Namibia and South Africa Expedition

3 to 17 October – Pitcairn Island Expedition – A journey to remote Pitcairn Island, Henderson Islands and the Tuamotus (Birdquest)

17 October to 2 November – Remote French Polynesia Expedition (Birdquest)

12 to 19 November – New Mexico Crane and Snow Geese Photography Workshop (Wild Images)

5 to 31 December – Chad Expedition (Birdquest)


2 to 17 February – Japan Wildlife Spectacular (Wild Images)

5 to 23 May – South Eastern Tibet Expedition

23 May to 6 June – Holy Mountains of Tibet Expedition, including Saga Dawa Festival

30 June to 8 July – Afghan Snow Finch Expedition (Birdquest)

26 July to 26 August (To be confirmed) – Wakhan Corridor Expedition

22 October to 11 November – Somaliland and Djibouti Expedition (Birdquest)


8 to 29 September – Namibia and South Africa Expedition  (Wild Images)