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Lying at the opposite end of the vast continent of Eurasia from the British Isles is the archipelago of islands that forms Japan. Westernized and yet profoundly Oriental, Japan remains an enigmatic land to westerners, few of whom know much about it beyond its shiny consumer exports. Stretching from the sub-tropics in the Ryukyus to […]

ONLY 1 PLACE LEFT! Tiger! Surely one of the most evocative creatures that still shares our crowded planet with us, but for how much longer? Of all the mammals that wildlife photographers dream of photographing, the magnificent Tiger surely tops the bill! But Tiger photography is not an easy thing to do. Unlike, for example, […]

  ONLY 3 PLACES LEFT! Spanning almost 2500 kilometres, the incredible Sichuan Tibet Highway traverses the mountainous regions of Sichuan in western China.  It took nearly four years to build and at the conclusion of its construction, was considered one of the engineering wonders of modern China in 1954. Rarely travelled by tourists, this remote […]

ONLY 4 SPACES LEFT! PLEASE NOTE: This trip is being hosted through Wild Images. For further information click here. The Galapagos archipelago is an outstanding place to visit for wildlife photography, being special in so many ways. Dedicated Galapagos photography tours are the best way for photographers to explore the islands. The Galapagos Islands have […]

  PHOTOGRAPHIC HIGHLIGHTS Communing with one of Africa’s most charismatic apes, the Gelada Baboon. The incredible wild landscapes of Chenek in the stunning Simien Mountains. Searching for the rare Ethiopian Wolves, Walia Ibex, Mennelik’s Bushbuck and Ethiopian Klipspringer plus encounters with Thick-billed Ravens and birds of prey in the most beautiful region of Ethiopia’s highlands. […]

PHOTOGRAPHIC HIGHLIGHTS A chance to photograph the rarest wild ass on earth, the Somali Wild Ass Two full nights at Erta Ale to get the best shots of the volcanic crater at dawn and dusk Visits to the nomadic Afar people of the Danakil The stunning volcanic landscapes of Dallol Camels carrying salt for the […]

SOUTH AFRICA (THE KALAHARI) AND NAMIBIA ONLY 2 PLACES LEFT! “Here was a place where creatures did not know of man’s crimes against nature. Perhaps, if we were sensitive enough to the freedoms of these animals we could slip unnoticed into this ancient river valley and carefully study its treasures without damaging it. We were […]

Antarctica and South Georgia are truly other-worldly places that every photographer with a keen interest in wildlife, landscapes and adventure should visit at least once in a lifetime. With so many marvellous creatures that are utterly tame and approachable, not just penguins and seals, but albatrosses, whales and many other species, a combination of Antarctica […]

    “One of the greatest wildlife spectacles in the United States” – Inger Vandyke, the Toronto Observer, December 2014 It’s November and, as the temperatures plummet towards freezing, a small patch of reclaimed farmland and ponds in New Mexico erupts into one of the biggest wildlife spectacles of North America. Bosque Del Apache straddles […]