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THE EXTRAORDINARY TRIBAL PEOPLE OF SOUTHERN ETHIOPIA HIGHLIGHTS A chance to visit some of Africa’s most elaborately decorated indigenous people including the Surma, Mursi, Hamer, Arbore and Dassanach tribes Join award winning photographer Inger Vandyke to meet these tribal people and engage with them for photographic portraits A true adventure in the wildest regions of […]

A “ONCE IN A LIFETIME” OPPORTUNITY *PLEASE NOTE – I am joining this tour which is hosted by Birdquest.  Further information and booking details can be found at http://www.birdquest-tours.com/Subantarctic-birding-tours-Indian-Ocean-wildlife/2019 Or please email markasbeaman@gmail.com Birdquest’s French Subantarctic Islands of the Indian Ocean birding and wildlife watching tour is one of those rare adventures that are only on […]

Mark Beaman has long wanted to take a Wild Images group to experience the wonders of the colony of Emperor Penguins at Gould Bay on Antarctica’s Weddell Sea. In November 2020, Mark Beaman and Inger Vandyke are going to be visiting the Emperor Penguins. Why not join him? You won’t have to pay a penny more […]

HIGHLIGHTS Spend a week with the spectacular Wodaabe Fula people at their annual festival of love, the Gerewol Festival Wander through the colourful markets of Dourbali Explore the incredibly beautiful Ennedi Plateau Visit the world’s tallest rock arch Discover ancient petroglyphs hidden deep inside the rock formations of the Ennedi Walk to the secret lookout […]

SOUTH AFRICA (THE KALAHARI) AND NAMIBIA FULLY BOOKED “Here was a place where creatures did not know of man’s crimes against nature. Perhaps, if we were sensitive enough to the freedoms of these animals we could slip unnoticed into this ancient river valley and carefully study its treasures without damaging it. We were determined to […]

Antarctica and South Georgia are truly other-worldly places that every photographer with a keen interest in wildlife, landscapes and adventure should visit at least once in a lifetime. With so many marvellous creatures that are utterly tame and approachable, not just penguins and seals, but albatrosses, whales and many other species, a combination of Antarctica […]

  *2019 DATES TO BE CONFIRMED* “One of the greatest wildlife spectacles in the United States” – Inger Vandyke, the Toronto Observer, December 2014 It’s November and, as the temperatures plummet towards freezing, a small patch of reclaimed farmland and ponds in New Mexico erupts into one of the biggest wildlife spectacles of North America. […]