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One of the most terrifying things that happened to me when I left Australia to live in England a year ago, apart from leaving my friends and family behind on the other side of the world of course, was the uncertainty my move cast over the future of my business as a photojournalist.  Leaving Australia […]

The great travel writer and author, Peter Matthiessen, died while I was in Ladakh.  I found out the news during a brief moment of internet access  during one night in Leh, between two strenuous weeks in the mountains on our search for one of the most spectacular and enigmatic wild cats in the world, the Snow Leopard. […]

There is something I find very comforting and mesmerising about chanting monks.  From a recording or the distance they sound almost like a drone but up close, their prayers, chants and murmurs can reverberate through your body leaving you feel almost completely at peace. On our recent trip to Ladakh, we were very kindly invited […]

Last night I arrived into the seething pulse of humanity that defines Kathmandu, Nepal. My dear friend met me at the airport and drove me to my home for the next week, the famous Kathmandu Guest House. Located smack bang in the middle of the tourist area of Thamel, the Kathmandu Guest House has provided […]