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Everyone knows I have the dream job don’t I?  To many people I seem to be constantly on holiday and believe it or not, I hear that remark often. “Oh can you take me?” people said when I announced I was flying off to Leh to look for Snow Leopards.  “You are so lucky!” I […]

I love children.  Although I’ve never had my own, I’ve been fortunate enough to have four amazing step kids in my life, all of whom have brought me growth, maturity, insight and inspiration over the last decade that I’ve been instrumental in raising them. For a reason that pre-dates even my stepmother role, I’ve always gravitated […]

On 18 April this year, the largest tragedy involving Sherpas by profession occurred in the history of climbing Mount Everest.  Reading the news in my jet-lagged state after returning from another region of the Himalaya (Ladakh), my heart immediately went out to those effected.  I hurriedly raced through numerous media stories searching for the names of the […]