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There is something I find very comforting and mesmerising about chanting monks.  From a recording or the distance they sound almost like a drone but up close, their prayers, chants and murmurs can reverberate through your body leaving you feel almost completely at peace. On our recent trip to Ladakh, we were very kindly invited […]

There is something quite surreal about sitting in a plane crossing the southern Indian Ocean, one of the roughest stretches of sea on our planet and knowing that in less than two weeks you are going to be boarding a Russian Ice Breaker to cross the exact same sea.  From the air it looks placid, […]

I have an unerring fascination for natural history and probably have had since I was a small child. I’m just one of these people who notices stuff and since I began working in it twelve years ago, I’ve been gradually feeding that obsession with numerous trips in my home country of Australia and overseas. On […]

As a professional photographer working on the ocean or in it, I go through a camera body every two years. If I am lucky, they last me three. After 12 years of working at sea doing large oceanic yacht crossings, island surveys, numerous pelagic trips, a stint in Antarctica and one year where I was […]

    When I woke at 5am this morning, put the kettle on for coffee and fired up my laptop to answer any emails that arrived overnight, I stared, bleary-eyed at the screen to see an email from the judges from the International Phone Photography Awards (IPPAs). Back in February I had place an entry […]