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My Journey Through A Remote Fishing Village in the Disputed Territory of Western Sahara I could feel the salt air stinging my lips.  Lips cracked dry by days of working in the desert.  The ocean was literally rubbing salt in to my wounds.  We were in the windswept coast of Dakhla in the disputed territory of Western […]

The Bad Boys of Antarctica’s Avifauna Each time I work in Antarctica, I am often saddened to hear groans of disgust when people see their first predators or scavengers like Sheathbills, Skuas or Stinkers (Giant Petrels).  Their reputations as “chick stealers”, “poo eaters”, “carcass lovers” and their collective reputations of evil echo that of many […]

Since I moved to rural England almost a year ago, I have been somewhat surprised to find seabirds living in the fields close to my home.  Living in a rural environment, I bet you never could imagine that, along with the smell of manure and farms, I can watch great flocks of gulls playing around in […]