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Well it’s not every day that you wake up and find out that a photo of yours is bringing a sense of wonder and fascination to children and their families on the other side of the world! Thank you Woodland Park Zoo in Seattle, United States for featuring my “Where’s Wally?” Snow Leopard image in […]

So it happened…. today I officially became one of the international campaign photographers for the WWF on their Snow Leopard Conservation Program! WWF_Fragile_Connections_report

Everyone knows I have the dream job don’t I?  To many people I seem to be constantly on holiday and believe it or not, I hear that remark often. “Oh can you take me?” people said when I announced I was flying off to Leh to look for Snow Leopards.  “You are so lucky!” I […]

The great travel writer and author, Peter Matthiessen, died while I was in Ladakh.  I found out the news during a brief moment of internet access  during one night in Leh, between two strenuous weeks in the mountains on our search for one of the most spectacular and enigmatic wild cats in the world, the Snow Leopard. […]