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The complex dot paintings of the Pitjantjatjara people of central Australia.  August 2012. On our recent trip to Ladakh we spent an amazing week camped out beside a frozen stretch of the Rumbak River, a river that had carved out a narrow gorge which had been traversed by people on foot and on horseback for centuries. […]

  As a professional photographer I carry a STACK of gear.  The general rule of thumb I’ve discovered as I enter my tenth year in this industry is that the amount of gear you carry increases at a directly proportional rate to the decrease in airline luggage limits.  I’ve become very practiced at keeping a […]

Tibet is a hard place.  It is high, cold, dry, dusty and icy.  Life in Tibet is hard for the people living there, the animals that call it home and for visitors unaccustomed, unacclimatised to the conditions on the roof of the world. It is also a very hard place to organise an expedition to.  […]

As a working photographer and journalist I have sometimes been guilty of running around frantically trying to keep my head in a story, always trying to working out what sorts of images might assist me in telling a tale that engages an audience.  If I remove myself from that mind dimension to take photos randomly […]