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I recently returned from Namibia where I had the blessing of meeting a group of Himba people I have almost come to regard as “family” now. They live in a remote valley very close to the border of Namibia and Angola. It is always a wonder to be back in their world. I cry every […]

Earlier this year I led the inaugural South Eastern Tibet expedition for Wild Images. It was such an incredible journey that I have organised another trip to remote Sichuan in 2020. To see a summary of the work that I shot in Sichuan this year, I have compiled a Spark presentation here. My next trip […]

Thank you so much L-Type Prints for featuring my work as part of the esteemed group of photographers in their Exhibition page. L-Type have done an incredible job of printing both my client and exhibition work since I started working with them. I highly recommend the quality of their products! The full gallery called “Sheltering […]

Well it’s not every day that you wake up and find out that a photo of yours is bringing a sense of wonder and fascination to children and their families on the other side of the world! Thank you Woodland Park Zoo in Seattle, United States for featuring my “Where’s Wally?” Snow Leopard image in […]

Do you love using your iPhone to create imagery when you are travelling?  I do!  In fact there are some situations where using my phone has not only been a much faster option for photography, it has also been a lot less fussy than swapping lenses and getting ready to shoot a scene – especially […]

I recently returned from a stunning winter wildlife photography tour with Wild Images.  A summary of my work shot on that trip is here: Our 2019 tour to Japan is already full but if you would like to join our trip in 2020, the details are here: https://www.wildimages-phototours.com/photography-tours/japan-winter-wildlife-spectacular-2020/

We saw it shimmering in the desert heat. A tiny squat building that reminded me of the more elaborate buildings constructed by the Dogon people of Mali further west. Rising from the rippled sands of the Sahara, the building immediately caught my eye. We had arrived in the tiny hamlet of Kouba Olanga, near the […]

HWANGE NATIONAL PARK, ZIMBABWE Just last month I was visiting Hwange National Park in Zimbabwe with my parents.  We were staying at The Hide, which was perhaps one of the most incredible lodges we have ever had the pleasure of visiting.  We were there to celebrate the 50th wedding anniversary of my parents and our […]

“I am the sum total of everything that went before me, of all I have been seen done, of everything done-to-me. I am everyone everything whose being-in-the-world affected was affected by mine. I am anything that happens after I’m gone which would not have happened if I had not come.” ― Salman Rushdie Midnight’s Children […]

One of the most terrifying things that happened to me when I left Australia to live in England a year ago, apart from leaving my friends and family behind on the other side of the world of course, was the uncertainty my move cast over the future of my business as a photojournalist.  Leaving Australia […]

Afghanistan:  It is at once pastoral and chaotic, peaceful and violent, destroyed and resilient, wonderfully welcoming yet deeply inhospitable – Steve McCurry How could anyone ever forget those eyes? For someone who tried desperately to get location work in Afghanistan for years and now feels that my chance has passed, I was always tremendously inspired by Steve […]

  GRAFFITI WITH A MESSAGE What really struck me about yesterday’s street art cruise in London’s East End was the propensity of some artists to use their medium to portray an environmental message.  It was fantastic to see them use graffiti creatively to show the natural world to the people of cities, many of whom […]

LONDON Yesterday I took a long overdue trip to London to catch up with some friends that I hadn’t seen since September 2012.  I met Sanjeev (a fabulous and talented poet), Phil (awesome photographer) and his girlfriend El (assistant editor of a major women’s magazine in the UK) to spend a day touring some of […]

Since I moved to rural England almost a year ago, I have been somewhat surprised to find seabirds living in the fields close to my home.  Living in a rural environment, I bet you never could imagine that, along with the smell of manure and farms, I can watch great flocks of gulls playing around in […]

  As a professional photographer I carry a STACK of gear.  The general rule of thumb I’ve discovered as I enter my tenth year in this industry is that the amount of gear you carry increases at a directly proportional rate to the decrease in airline luggage limits.  I’ve become very practiced at keeping a […]

A lot has been said by photographers in the blogosphere about the apps they use for capturing images and manipulating them through portable devices like iPhones, iPads, Androids etc.  As someone who works in photography I love having the ability to capture images on the fly using my iPhone. However, when you enter the realm […]

As a professional photographer working on the ocean or in it, I go through a camera body every two years. If I am lucky, they last me three. After 12 years of working at sea doing large oceanic yacht crossings, island surveys, numerous pelagic trips, a stint in Antarctica and one year where I was […]